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Omar Faruk Tekbilek
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The Middle East, Africa and Europe meet along the Mediterranean, which literally means “ the land in between”. In this context, Turkey, native land of Omar Faruk Tekbilek, represents the geographical and cultural crossroad between nations. This is why it is so adequate that a musician like Faruk mixes and blends in his music East and Occident, combines his knowledge of Arabic and occidental instruments, showing it is possible to enhance artistic expression and emotion over any difference.

But the story begins before. Omar Faruk was born in a small Turkish village called Adanali, where he follows his guru, his own brother Hadji. It is a time of learning to understand the moments of each instruments ( the flute, the baglama) and explore the complex scales of Turkish music. From the early age of 15, when he stops his studies to become a professional musician, he develops both musically and religiously. He enters the world of Sufism , the mystic side of Islam to which he becomes devoted

From his adolescence , his works and tours around the world, specially in the United States, have shown through the constructive eyes of Omar, the renewing of the roots of Turkish music. Omar can renovate the special Mediterranean sounds without leaving tradition aside. He has worked together with Brian Keane, where Omar contributes with the flute and the original percussion to the electronic synthesizers of the American producer and jazz guitarist.

After several successful albums he is now presenting his last record, Alif, produced by Steve Shehan. It is the real example of the worldwide talent of Tekbilek. Alif is the first letter of the Arab alphabet and the first letter of Alá, the Maker, the divine expression of love. And it is the title of the first theme of the album, a sufi masterpiece of devoted love, of the love in all its forms ( divine love, love for life, and romantic love)

Omar Faruk, now settled in New York , is surrounded by a marvellous group of international musicians, that transform their concerts in irresistible experiences of sensibility, virtuosity and rhythm
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