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If we were to ask each and every one of Mariza’s fans to describe in a single word what they feel when they listen to her singing, we would surely get more than enough pages to compile – repetitions apart – a rich and voluminous dictionary. But besides confirming the richness of the Portuguese language vocabulary, this survey would also show the number of Mariza’s fans growing throughout the world, fans of all ages and walks of life.

With her talent and after seven years of hard work and discipline, Mariza acquired for herself the status of a great global singer – rubbing shoulders with the likes of Amália, Piaf, Elis, Ella, Garland, women singers who became household names. This is why we have to learn to share her with the world. Of course we love when she sings the Fado, our national song. But we cannot clip her wings. She will fly back home. Back to us. But for now let us gow on journey with her. Let us discover “Terra” (“Earth”), her latest álbum, the first master piece of a new breathing cycle.

Mariza sums it all up in one word: “truth”. And she adds: “During seven years of international tours, I had the chance of discovering other peoples and cultures. I watched and I listened. I learned. This is my moment. This is my truth. I’ve always been true to myself, and I’ve always been true to my fans. And I wanted this album to show them my progress as a singer and a human being. My two previous albums, ‘Transparente’ and ‘Concerto Em Lisboa’ were like the end of a cycle to me. This new album, I’ve decided to call it ‘Terra’. Why? Maybe because I always have my feet firmly planted on the ground, and also because recording it was like going on a musical journey. Inevitably...”

Lets be honest, shall we? Mariza is a Fado singer. But she keeps experimenting with new ways of singing it, and her fans just love it! All of her previous albums – “Fado em Mim” (2001), “Fado Curvo” (2003), “Transparente” (2005) and “Concerto Em Lisboa” (2006), plus the DVD “Live In London” (2004) – were Platinum winners. With Amália gone, we felt like orphans, so we looked for a new voice to express our national soul... We looked for Mariza.
Maybe we forgot that before Lisbon there was Mozambique, and after Lisbon it had to be the world. In other words, Fado, yes, always; but why not something else? Fado is definitely World Music, and Mariza won her first World Music awards singing Fado. “I want to sing for the world”, she says, “but I know I’ll always be coming back”.

“Terra”. The Portuguese Fado guitar is joined by British guitarist Dominic Miller (one of Sting’s supporting musician for the last twenty years, by three piano players, Brazilian Ivan Lins and Cubans Chucho Valdês and Ivan “Melon” Lewis, by Spanish flamenco guitarist Javier Limón, and by Spanish percussionist Piraña (Paco De Lucia’s favourite percussionist). Mariza’s voice blends perfectly with Cape-verdian Tito Paris’ and Afro-hispanic Concha Buika’s. After Jorge Fernando, Carlos Maria Trindade and Jacques Morelenbaum, Mariza has chosen Spanish Javier Limón as the producer for “Terra” – what a challenge! But in this cosmopolitan mixture of flamenco and morna, jazz and folk music, we hear a constant Portuguese sound; let’s call it Fado or simply Mariza.
In fact, Mariza sings the Portuguese soul. And “Terra” is a Portuguese album, recorded for the World. The seeds were sown, says Mariza, “and the fruits will be plentiful and diverse”. The new album called "MUND" is been produced by Javier Limón y it has fourteen songs.
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