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Igelaren Banda
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IGELAREN BANDA was formed around 1998 and in 2000 the band published their first record.

The current line-up is: Bixente Martinez on guitar, Hasier Oleaga on drums, and Amaiur Cajaraville on double bass, and they began playing together in the spring of 2011.

In March 2013 they presented the album Preguntatxo bat (A Little Question) (Elkar KD 889).

And between then and now they have given numerous concerts, having played at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival, the EH Sona festival in Barcelona in 2013 and the LORALDIA 2015 festival in Bilbao, to name just a few.

They were also given the responsibility of composing and recording the signature tune for the 2013 Bertsolaris Championship (traditional improvised Basque songs).

And in the autumn of 2015 they presented their new album, Debalde festa (Free Party) (Elkar KD 936), entirely dedicated to the melodies used by bertsolaris. It includes some of the melodies that these improvisers use most, and on the record we can find both traditional melodies such as “Xarmangarria zira” (“You're Charming”) and “Erreguetan” (“Begging”), and also melodies composed by contemporary musicians, such as “Ilun ikarak” (“Sunset”) by Imanol, or “Ezin ahaztu” (“Can't Forget”) by Oskorri.

IGELAREN BANDA love improvisation, and the performances of the bertsolaris are also based entirely on improvisation, and this is one of the reasons behind this project.

The melodies that the bertsolaris use most often have two main characteristics: they tend to be musically beautiful, round and elegant, and they are also very suitable for creating and relating stories.

In the album Debalde festa the band have attempted to make verses without words. The melodies are completely free, seeking new harmonic, rhythmic and melodic paths, and always leaving plenty of room for improvisation. And in their concerts they also attach a great deal of importance to improvisation. This is what makes them special.

Hasier Oleaga is a young musician but with a lot of experience. He collaborates on a regular basis with Iñaki Salvador and Ruper Ordorika, among others.

Amaiur Cajaraville, following a past as slightly shaggy rocker, has focused on the double bass in recent years. He is a regular collaborator of Benito Lertxundi, Aiko and Mikel Markez, among others.

Bixente Martinez is a permanent member of Oskorri, and also founder of Hiru Truku, as well as being involved in many other projects, including theatre and audiovisual productions.

In other words, IGELAREN BANDA brings both young and veteran musicians together in one group.

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