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Haig Yazdjian
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Born in Siria from Armenian parents, he has been working and living for more than twenty years in Greece. It is here where he discovered the enchanting elements of the music from the East. He started to play at a very young age and it is indeed with his instruments that he expresses his sensibility the best.

He can play various instruments such as the nay, cümbüs, nashatkar or percurssion, but it is with the oud with which he expresses his permanent musical search. This search, by the way, transcends time and geographical borders.

Haig Yazdjian became very soon one of the most popular oud players and one of the most famous vocalists. The publishing of his first album TALAR, edited in 1996 by LIBRA MUSIC, made his popularity rise, but above that, launched him as one of the promises of his generation in composing.
From this first record he started to consider tradition as a creative strength . Two years later, en 1998, the publishing of his last work alone called, GARIN, also LIBRA MUSIC and the CD single GIFT, had a great reception amongst the public and had excellent reviews from the critics.
Apart from these two successful works, Yazdjian has achieved the respect and recognition some of the most important Greek figures with whom he has collaborated.

In the summer of 2000, Haig published BEAST ON THE MOON, an album that was a turning point en his musical search. During his career he has combined traditional music with new music from the East, and even with contemporary music. This combination of fresh audacity make his performances a real event for a public that is looking for the roots of traditional music with modern sounds.
Now, Haig is going to show us his last release: AMALUR:
in the language of the Bask people, AMALUR means “mother earth”. Strange as it may seem, the term comes to articulate in the most subtle manner, Haig Yazdjian’s notion of belonging, not to a particular country or region per se, but that of a profound identification with musical inspiration and creative point of reference. Syrian born, Armenian in origin, a Greek resident and a Global citizen, Haig Yazdjian (oud virtuoso, prolific composer and singer of the highest rank) feels that the sound of the word Amalur “beats” at one pace with the heart of his music’s spiritual pulse. Listening to the album’s music, one can surely tell why…

One of the driving forces in the Greek world-jazz music scene for the past decade, Haig Yazdjian, delivers yet another surprising solo endeavor. Centered around his unique editorial writing style and his ethereal oud playing, Amalur chronicles five years of travelling around the world with his band of first-class musicians, numerous collaborations with leading figures of the world music scene (Theodossii Spassov, Glen Velez, Djivan Gasparyan and Loreenna McKennitt to name but a few) and experimentation with new vehicles of expression, namely, the introduction of the electric oud – an instrument he uses for the very first time on record.

Haig Yazdjian is one of the great figures in world music. This super-charged, traditional meets modern band album unites the two sides of his remarkable musical personality – the virtuosic traditionalist and the restless innovator. Recorded in a series of long sessions at Aeolia Studio in Athens, Amalur packs the fruit of more than ten years experimentation into some of the densest, punchiest, most richly textured music Yazdjian has ever delivered.
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